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Man in Black

Fashion king Michael Kors brings his fall line to Nantucket this August to benefit the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. N MAGAZINE: Nantucket fashion is often pegged as categorically preppy. Is there something to be said about dressing accordingly “when in Rome,” or should you stick with your own style regardless of the setting MICHAEL KORS: [...]

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A Living Link to the Past

Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Maureen Orth explores the story of Phil Grant, one of the last living connections to Nantucket’s whaling days. Five generations ago, Phil Grant’s great-great-grandfather, James, a Scottish sailmaker who shipwrecked off Old Man Shoal twelve miles east of Wauwinet, made a grand entrance onto the shores of Nantucket. He had donned [...]

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The Rebirth of an Icon

The Old Nesbitt Inn reopens its doors as the rebranded and restored 21 Broad Street Hotel. The Nesbitt was one part of a group of buildings on Broad Street under the same ownership that then included The Brotherhood and Nantucket Bookworks to its left, and the high Victorian single-family at 19 Broad Street to its [...]

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The Son Also Rises

Luke Russert emerges out from the shadows of his parents Luke Russert has “LK 12:48” tattooed on his inner bicep. Flip to that passage in the Bible and you’ll find, “To whom much is given, much will be expected.” Indeed, as the son of two revered journalists—the late Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert and [...]

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An Ocean Runs Through It

The most challenging fishing on Nantucket happens in less than three feet of water. Water rushes by in a blur of blues, browns and greens as Captain P.J. Rubin’s seventeen-foot Dolphin skiff skips across Madaket Harbor. His face is hidden behind a lightweight sun mask, giving him the look of a ninja assassin. “When stalking [...]

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Setting the Record Straight

After serving eight years in prison, Dennis Kozlowski returns to the island for the Nantucket Project. In the public imagination, Dennis Kozlowski, the former CEO of the industrial conglomerate Tyco, became a poster boy for corporate excess. The details of his case, after all, made for wonderful tabloid fodder. In the words of prosecutors, Kozlowski [...]

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The Investigator

The Public Thoughts of a Private Eye From his back porch on Nantucket, the most powerful private investigator in modern American history looks out upon the harbor. Terry Lenzner’s career as a professional sleuth reads like a spy thriller, from his first case investigating the murders of three civil rights activists in Mississippi to personally [...]

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Cross Fit or Fiction?

Nantucket’s Fastest Growing Craze My heart was pounding like a freight train. My lungs screamed for air. Through blurred vision, I could make out twenty-five seconds left on the clock, but I still had ten more box jumps to do. My legs began to quiver as I glanced up at the quote written on the [...]

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Finding Virtue in Vietnam

Rory Kennedy brings her award-winning documentary ‘Last Days in Vietnam’ to Nantucket. The Vietnam War will forever be viewed as an American policy debacle, whose victims included the psyche of an entire nation. The very mention of the word Vietnam still conjures images of burning villages, napalm-ravaged hills, domestic protests, and returning veterans who were [...]

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Slam Dunk

A Nantucket native’s unlikely jump into professional basketball. According to Josh Butler, he invented the slam dunk on Nantucket. Back when he played center at Nantucket High School, Butler put on jam sessions during games that became known as “show time.” This was the era of Whaler basketball domination when the team would blow out [...]