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NMF: Ben Taylor

Live at Acoustic Long Island Taylor lives on the neighboring island of Martha’s Vineyard, and although he spent much of his young adulthood running from it, he couldn’t ignore his musical fate. Taylor is the son of one of the most famous folk singers of all time, James Taylor (“You’ve Got a Friend,”), and singer/songwriter [...]

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NMF: Earth Got the Blues

Live of Nantucket Earth Got the Blues carries on the traditions of some of the sharpest jazz and blues singers of a particular era. The quartet formed six years ago, out of what band member Tom Stoddart explains as, “A common love for the blues. We chose post-World War II and pre-rock and roll electric [...]

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NMF: SoNar

High energy, youthful passion, and original song-writing is what this high elevation funk and jazz infused Ska rock band is all about. Hailing from Durango, CO, the group met a Fort Lewis College and started playing together in 2011. They have played at the 2012 Banditos Biker Rally and local bars and clubs. They self-recorded [...]

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NMF: The Chuck Colley Band

What could be better than oysters and folksy bluegrass after a long day at the beach? The Chuck Colley Band has been playing the Lobster Trap every Tuesday night, rocking the “Buck a Shuck with Chuck” and serving up some skilful string pickin’ and fresh vocal harmonies. Chris Westerlund (mandolin), Erik Wendelken (stand-up bass), and [...]

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NMF: Harrison Roach

Harrison Roach is a singer/songwriter known for melodic pop ballads with hints of rock, blues, and ambient sounds. According to Roach, “I started a career in songwriting after a short stay at Berklee College Of Music. I went to study Jazz, but it wasn’t clicking in anymore… so after randomly attending a songwriting clinic, I [...]

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NMF: Coq au Vin

"When I Get Low I Get High" Live 2013 As delicious as the dish it was named for, Coq Au Vin, sometimes referred to affectionately as the Gypsy Band, is in demand at nearly every cocktail party, fundraiser, and bar on Nantucket. What started humbly as a band conceived by musician friends hanging out over [...]

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A New Focus

Photographer Michael Gaillard returns to Nantucket to open a new gallery on South Beach Street Born on the island, artist and photographer Michael Gaillard is a child of Nantucket. It was at Nantucket High School eighteen years ago that the first im- print of a possible career path was made. “The first photography class I [...]

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A Very Civil Servant

The tireless work of Linda Williams On January 20, 1961, six-year-old Linda Williams sat watching John F. Kennedy deliver his inaugural address on a television in rural Appalachia. “Ask not what your country can do for you,” the president said, “ask what you can do for your country.” The young girl was transfixed. Since hearing [...]

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Doctored Photos

A local physician turned photographer pulls back the virtual curtain to reveal his day job Dr. Greg Hinson is a man of many passions. As a primary-care physician, he’s delivered approximately six hundred babies on Nantucket. On the Internet, he’s a social-media sensation and a locally famous photographer. As an activist, he once mounted a [...]

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Broadway Bound

The dramatic discovery of Nantucket’s Chelsea Remick At the age of three, Nantucket native Chelsea Remick had already found her favorite concert venue: the Stop and Shop. From the rolling stage of her mother’s shopping cart, she would belt out songs at the top of her lungs as Kim Remick would travel the aisles for [...]